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Roll-2-Roll and Photolithography post-processed with LAser digital technology for FLEXible photovoltaics and wearable displays

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We are looking for smarter solutions for many devices based on new technologies, like photovoltaics or wearable displays that should be more light, flexible, robust and/or efficient. Many advances are possible with organic and large-area electronics – a scalable manufacturing technology, like small molecules replacing conventional semiconductors. The EU-funded RoLA-FLEX project aims to invest in tech advancement that will bring huge revenues and jobs. Among other actions, it intends to develop metal oxides for charge carrier selective contacts, metal nano-inks enabling highly conductive micropatterns, and high-speed laser digital processing in roll-2-roll organic photovoltaic module fabrication. Two validated prototypes of complex devices based on innovative technologies will be demonstrated.


RoLA–FLEX is an industry driven project which provides innovative solutions to the existing OLAE challenges associated with performance and lifetime, through:
(a) the fabrication and upscaling of organic semiconductors with high charge mobilities (up to 10 cm2/Vs) and high power conversion efficiencies (16% in OPV cell and 12% in OPV module);
(b) the development of metal oxides for charge carrier selective contacts and metal nanoinks for highly conductive micropatterns with increased environmental stability;
(c) the seamless incorporation of high speed laser digital processing in Roll-2-Roll OPV module fabrication and photolithography based OTFT manufacturing and
(d) the demonstration of two TRL5+ OLAE prototypes enabled by the developed materials and innovative processes:
1. A smart energy platform for IoT devices powered by ITO-free and flexible OPVs operating at low indoor light conditions.
2. A new generation of bezel-less and fully bendable smart watches integrating FHD, ultra-bright OLCD/OTFT displays.
RoLA-FLEX will advance all the aforementioned technologies to at least TRL5 within its timeframe.
RoLA-FLEX will create an opportunity for a yearly increase in revenues of almost €400 M only 6 years after its end, accompanied by hundreds of new jobs. A timely investment in the early days of these new markets can ensure significant market share for the SMEs and Industries involved and greatly boost EU’s competitiveness globally.

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