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Non-invasive dynamic neural control by laser-based technology


Communication Plan

Communication plan comprising detailed and specific communications actions for the NEUROPA project, key messages relevant to the NEUROPA project to be communicated by the consortium, a press release template for NEUROPA, a NEUROPA presentation template including key slides on the project, consortium and appropriate acknowledgements. A NEUROPA logo for branding purposes, brochure, newsletter template, NEUROPA Twitter and NEUROPA LinkedIn account details.

Web-site developed

NEUROPA logo designed and web-site developed and launched with key messages and overview of the project and consortium.

Optimal opsin/phytochromes for modulation of neural activity using AAV

Optimal opsin / phytochrome delivery will be achieved using local delivery of naturally occuring AAV serotypes designed to target neural cells in brain circuits by use of specific promoters

Two-photon opsin/phytochrome activation and deactivation - Intermediate Report

Intermediate report on the achieved results of experiments on two-photon activation and deactivation of opsins/phytochromes

Initial National and European press releases

Press release describing in a public accessible way the project aims and objectives targeting publication in National and European press releases

Data Management Plan

Data Management Plan consitent with the published requirements including type of data to be generated, plans for management of data and provisions for open access publishing of data.

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