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Smart charger device to increase smartphones’ battery lifetime, prevent fire accidents, and provide cross-brand flexibility

Project description

New device to extend your phone’s battery life

Most consumers would opt for longer-life batteries than improved screens or cameras when purchasing a smartphone. Battery life has become a crucial selling point. The problem with currently-used Lithium-based batteries is that they need frequent recharging and the battery temperature may increase risk of fire or explosion. The EU-funded Optium project proposes an innovative device to ameliorate charging, prolong battery life and eliminate the risks. In addition, the device is compatible with all smartphones. The project will conduct research targeting a wide range of users, entrepreneurs and enterprises aiming to commercialise the device.


Longer battery life is the most demanded feature by smartphone users. Surprisingly, surveys show that 46% of respondents
would prefer longer battery life rather than better smartphone cameras or more resistant screens. Current lithium-based
batteries fail to keep up with smartphone technological improvements. As a result, batteries do not last long during the day.
Moreover, users recharge their smartphones improperly accelerating battery deterioration. Consequently, batteries get
drained quickly and users must replace their mobile phone or replace old batteries with poor low-quality new ones.
ChargeGuard has developed and patented an intelligent device for optimising charging, increasing battery lifespan and
monitoring system and battery temperature and voltage for improved safety. Optium is a smart charge management system
that protects and prolongs battery life. The objective of this project is to provide consumers with a 3rd party charger device
able to optimise the way batteries get charged and delay the deterioration of batteries by three times. Optium project will
satisfy the high unmet demand of consumers for a product that improves smartphone charging procedure, eliminate risk of
fire/ battery explosion and increase battery longevity, by providing a 3rd party intelligent charger featured with unique
characteristics and fully compatible with any smartphone on the market.
We will target different users’ profiles, such as young smartphone owners, business people, large companies and parents
worried about fire accidents due to battery overheating. We will market Optium through direct sales, distributors & retailers
as well as through exclusive agreements with insurance companies. The potential market is huge. Our projection clearly
demonstrates the potential of our solution. By 2024, we foresee to earn more than €14m profit yearly. Our forecast estimates
cumulative profits of €20m by 2024 with a return on investment of 730%.

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