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Commercialisation of PXIO – a novel software infrastructure for the seamless and wireless real-time transmission of pixels from manifold pixel sources and digital devices to displays


Visualization of content becomes more and more relevant and complex e.g. the representation of 3D functionality in the automotive- or aviation industry. Presenters make use of many different pixel sources like smartphones, desktop PCs and laptops. On the other hand, data from one (or more) pixel source is shown on combinations of displays with different sizes, resolution and arrangements forming a video wall. Operators have to deal with complex configuration, higher effort and cost in cabling. Switching the pixel source within a meeting requires reconnecting cables and typically several adapters are necessary. The potential of PXIO is its usability by simply connecting individual arrangements of (heterogeneous) sources and displays. Growing companies benefit by not needing complex cable installations, provision for several adapters, and limitations in the performance of multi-displays. Sources can be displayed seamlessly by drag and drop on one or more screens. Data is transferred within the protected company LAN/WLAN. PXIO unboxes pixels allowing for the wireless easy-to-use display of content on screens and video walls from all imaginable sources – a true game-changer. The first target market (€200 million) is larger companies with visualization centres and high demand for visual collaboration. A second market is the trade fair and event industry striving for wireless and flexible multi-display presentation of visual content (EU market volume €100 million). The third target market is conference rooms at event locations with an annual market volume of €100 million in the EU. In Phase 1 we intend to perform an in-depth technical and commercial feasibility and compatibility study investigating the potential of commercializing the software infrastructure PXIO. The studies cover IPR and all application scenarios and future applications like audio transmission. In addition Pxio GmbH will perform an in-depth analysis of the EU and the North American markets.

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