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Growth balance regulation by SnRK1 under ABA-stress conditions

Project description

Understanding the interplay between plant stress and growth

Plants are continuously exposed to environmental stresses – from extreme temperatures to water scarcity and soil salinity. To cope, plants survive but at the expense of growth. For instance, a major component of the response to the most devastating stresses is ABA, a hormone that triggers cellular and whole-plant adaptive mechanisms via the activation of SnRK2 protein kinases. Another major player is the energy sensing SnRK1 protein kinase, which promotes plant stress tolerance and survival through the vast regulation of metabolism and gene expression. The EU-funded ABA-GrowthBalance project will investigate the interaction between SnRK1 and SnRK2, and how they modulate growth-promoting signalling pathways in response to ABA. The findings will provide new insight for successful plant breeding.

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