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NOCK: Real time safety for our senior relatives.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - NOCK (NOCK: Real time safety for our senior relatives.)

Reporting period: 2019-05-01 to 2019-09-30

In a short approach to our Project’s context, we must start with a short description of Alzheimer and other mental diseases effects on patients’ life.
Alzheimer and other cognitive diseases are a major concern in modern society, with millions of elderly people trying to coexist with their affection and with concerned relatives wondering whether their seniors will be safe and will be able to undertake “normal” ways of life.
Along their daily activity, elderly people need to be safe and to feel they are able to undertake usual routines without concerning about getting lost or disoriented, and they need discreet solutions that keep their privacy.
NOCK is a wearable set of different devices for senior people which, included in different articles, carries out a continuous and real-time tracking of their position, which is consulted by their relatives or caregivers in a non-invasive and accurate way. Thus, daily routines are made comfortable for all involved parts.
Our customers will take advantage of our technology by achieving absolute real time control of their location and wellness, being able to communicate with their seniors.
We have been able to include different market demanded features coming from contacts with care sector.
Main works were related to (see Feasibility Study for further information):
- Design and features issues. As we planned in Phase 1 proposal, we have achieved a greater variety of devices and packs. Main advances include femenine designs, family pack and NEKI home.
- Sales and internationalization: We have continued our expansion strategy, with increasing sales at national level and new markets access. This way, we have replicated our Italian business development office in Sweden and Portugal (we base our internationalization strategy on development offices with local staff).
- Stakeholders. Apart from our agreements with the different suppliers, we count on a complete network in care sector, including main European companies like Eulen, Clece, Alares and DomusVi. They support us in visibility actions and at the same time they are great customers and prescribers for NOCK, allowing our access to thousands of seniors that make use of their services.
- Competitors. We are continuously watching the market and detecting competitors’ advances and new agents producing similar services. At this moment, we are tracking the activity of different companies.
- Financing: Apart from the great growth in revenues from sales, mentioned in corresponding section, we just closed a €800,000 round with investors, including €180,000 in StarupXplore (that became 225,000).

After all this work, we count on 4 international offices, a consistent stakeholders partnership and revenues achieving objectives in 2019.
We count on different advances related to positioning, alarms procedures, Intelligent Tags (see Feasibility Report) and other advances, which have led us to technological leadership in Europe.

All this technology allows actual peace of mind for seniors caring people (profesionals of family), increases their autonomy and wellbeing and relates to better living for aged people.
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