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Conversion of manure to energy with the VALI solution

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Managing manure the green way

Rising meat consumption results in increases in livestock population (including poultry) in order to fulfil market demands. But more animals also means more manure – more than can be managed. While manure is traditionally used as a fertiliser, the current surplus is becoming an urgent problem for farmers. To address the problem of excess manure in farms, the EU-funded VALI project will bring to market an eco-friendly disposal solution. This new system can convert animal manure into a valuable energy resource (heat and electricity), while producing compact, easy-to-transport ashes directly usable as dry fertiliser (substituting chemical fertilisers). Adapted to small farms, this solution can also be aligned for farmers working with poultry and horses.


With growing human population and changing lifestyle patters (eating more meat), the livestock population (including poultry) is constantly increasing and so does the amount of manure. Traditionally manure was used as a fertilizer (spreading), but the current surplus of it is becoming an urgent problem for the farmers. Spreading is dangerous environmentally and costly logistically, as well as being more limited due to restrictions with regulations (e.g. EU Nitrates Directive). As a result, the management of animal waste has become one of the most important problems for the farmers. The need for alternative eco-friendly disposal routes with potential financial benefits has so far only one possible answer: energetic valorisation of biomasses.
Our company ATANOR, expert in combustion and associated technologies, has developed the VALI system. Adapted to small farms, our innovation converts onsite animal manure into a valuable energy resource (heat & electricity), while producing compact, easy-to-transport ashes directly usable as dry fertilizer (substituting to chemical ones). This solution address sustainably and cost-effectively the problem of excessive manure in farms with a combustion approach that is especially adapted to farmers working with poultry and horses – several end users are already engaged with the project, including chicken, turkey and horse centres/farms. We are convinced that VALI solution will bring number of benefits to the end users and environment in general, including eco-friendly manure outlet, reduction of farm energy bills by up to 90%, affordable and saleable fertilizer for the plants, obsolescence of polluting LPG/gas systems, minimizing fire hazards and improving animal surroundings.
VALI successful launch will boost our revenues, with a growth estimated at 75.9 Million€ and a ROI of 342% by the 5th year, and will create many new job opportunities, both internally and with our suppliers and industrial partners.

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