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Safe and fast control system for acrylamide in food

Project description

Acrylamide detection made easy

Frying, baking and broiling carbohydrates create a carcinogenic chemical called acrylamide in food. Found in starchy foods, this human neurotoxin, which is classified as a probable carcinogen, is formed when carbohydrates (potato crisps, French fries, breads, cereals and snack foods) are cooked at temperatures above 121 °C. In 2018, the EU implemented a directive that urges food operators to closely monitor the presence of acrylamide in foodstuffs. The EU-funded AFREELAMIDE project provides a non-invasive, fast, accurate and cheaper detection device that uses near-infrared spectroscopy technology.


Acrylamide is a human neurotoxin classified as a probable carcinogen. It is present in heat-processed foods high in carbohydrate, such as snack foods, potato crisps, breads, cereal products, and coffee. Therefore acrylamide is considered a public health risk.

Since April 2018, a new EU directive has entered into force, which urges food operators to monitor the presence of acrylamide in foodstuffs. However, existing acrylamide detection techniques rely on time-consuming, expensive and complex assays that are only conducted to a few samples of products in the laboratory.

Our INNOVATION provides a non-invasive, rapid, robust, accurate and 5x cheaper inspection system adapted for at-line and real-time monitoring. AFREELAMIDE is a detection device that uses near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) technology to efficiently inspect food piece one by one and detect acrylamide.

The PROTOTYPE is currently at TRL6 and we intend to conduct several assessments under the umbrella of the SMEI Phase-1 project, before moving further. These will include experimental trials with an industrial operator (Siro Group), among others.

The AFREELAMIDE solution will be marketed by local, national and international distributors (including online distribution) with a consolidated network and experience, which are paid out commissions. Estimated Unit selling price AFREELAMIDE: 20.000€. According to financial assumptions, sales will reach more than 8 million € by 2025 with 11 employees.

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