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A novel, modular, smart and patient-centred Ankle-Foot-Orthosis design and production process


By 2020, up to 23 million EU citizens will suffer from a neuromuscular disorder resulting in gait disabilities such as the foot drop syndrome, a condition that causes patients often stumbling and even falling. Ankle foot orthoses (AFO) are widely used to help these patients. The objective is to fully support or restore patient’s mobility, so the orthosis must be designed to match patients’ anatomy and therapeutic needs, a constantly changing pattern in most of the patients with neuromuscular diseases. Nowadays, the manufacture of adapted orthoses is still a manual procedure highly dependent on the orthopaedist expertise, resulting in a long and expensive process, often traumatic for patients, especially children. With the aim of offering to our neuro- orthopaedic patients the best treatment and support during the mobility recovery therapy, we have developed MOWA, an innovative ankle-food-orthosis (AFO) with an associated design and production process fully digitalised that fully exploits the benefits of big data and machine learning enabling a fast and cost-efficient production of customised orthoses. MOWA uniqueness relies on the digitalisation of the design and manufacture steps so that each component is individually produced, thus the orthosis perfectly fits patients’ anatomy and optimally supports their walking. In addition, the orthosis can be easily reproduced, something especially relevant for children, who need to replace their orthosis twice a year so that it grows with them. Custom-made orthoses will play a key role within the global orthotics market, which was valued at €2,750 million in 2016, and is projected to grow at a CAGR=5.8% until 2023. MOWA’s Total Addressable Market in 2020 is expected to surpass the 320,000 units, with an associate value of €256 million. In addition, MOWA will boost the growth of our company with revenues surpassing the €20 million in the 3rd year after market uptake and the creation of up to 20 new positions.

Field of science

  • /medical and health sciences/clinical medicine/psychiatry/anxiety disorders
  • /medical and health sciences/basic medicine/anatomy and morphology
  • /social sciences/economics and business/economics/production economics
  • /natural sciences/computer and information sciences/data science/big data
  • /natural sciences/computer and information sciences/artificial intelligence/machine learning
  • /medical and health sciences/basic medicine/neurology
  • /social sciences/economics and business/business and management/commerce
  • /natural sciences/biological sciences/neurobiology

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SME-1 - SME instrument phase 1


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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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