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Optimized auxiliary electronics system for Quantum Computing (QC) research


QDevil offers auxiliary equipment that allows researchers to control their quantum experiments, reducing noise and interferensces at the same time, allowing them to spend more time on their qubits rather than in the construction and maintenance of the auxiliary equipment necessary for their experiments. Since 2016 the company has worked closely to academic and private Research Centres in the field of Quantum Computing, developing products aimed at reducing costs and efforts. As a result of the work of its founders, Mr. Jonatan Kutchinsky and Mr. Ferdinand Kuemmeth, QDevil offers its prototypes to early adopter researchers, consisting in a low-pass Filter: QFilter; a Digital-Analogic/Analogic-Digital converter: QDac; a breakout box: QBox; and a board to hold the silicon substrate with the qubit: QBoard. All these equipment have been developed in close collaboration with QC R&D centres, achieving a current configuration of 48-channels. Our products are used to maintain the stability of the qubits by applying low-frequency signal, while supporting strong magnetic fields up to 10 Tesla and cryogenic temperatures down to 10 milikelvin. However, the growth in qubits and consolidation of quantum computing require many control signals to ease the path for the market entry of quantum computers, foreseen by some experts in five years, thus, we need to add to QCAux a larger number of channels to support researchers' work. We estimate the current potential of QCAux in 960 channels, but a more conservative objective has been set in this proposal, aiming to get 480 channels. Im order to achieve this x10 improvement, we have to introduce new materials, designs and manufacturing methods, so, we need to perform a Feasibility Study in order to discover the best options to make this enhanced QCAux a reality, which will be matured and piloted in the Phase 2 project for the benefit of the Quantum Computing researchers.

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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