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ANISOPTER: The Affordable Optimization Solution for Anisogrid Structures


An affordable access to Space is crucial for the sustainable development of European industry. However, the 14 k€ required to send each of the 200,000 kilograms yearly sent to Space slows down, and even prevents, the development of new business models. Thus, there is a huge necessity to reduce spacecrafts and launchers weight. Industry and academia agree in that new anisogrid structures are one of the best ways to accomplish this challenge, but these complex structures must be optimized for each application to obtain the best performance.
It does not exist yet a fully automated commercial solution to optimize anisogrid structures. Space companies are forced to spend thousands of euros in the optimization and accuracy assessment of the designed models. All commercial software available is very expensive and relies on the computationally demanding Finite Element Analysis and manual or semi-automated optimization protocols. In contrast, ANISOPTER uses analytic equations to predict the behaviour of anisogrid structures, explore millions of configurations, and obtains in minutes 10-40% lighter structures than the competence. Our Software-as-a-Service solution will provide the optimal solution through a simple web interface at
Despite ANISOPTER´s main users are manufacturers of satellites and space launch systems, there exist a huge business opportunity on Earth for anisogrid technology. The entry of this game-changing technology on Earth markets is prevented by modelling difficulties and cost. Thus, the ease of use and speed of ANISOPTER will clear the way for the application of anisogrid concept in load-bearing components, like towers for electricity transport or wind power generation, and offshore jackets or oil platforms.
Our main objectives are the thorough validation of the beta version of the web server, the integration of the feedback provided by our industrial technology validators, and selling more than 1,000 licenses by 2025.

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