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Pioneering the Fourth Wave of Coffee

Project description

Good-quality coffee on-demand

Coffee is the beverage of choice for millions of people around the world but access to coffee shops and good-quality coffee could become an issue. The EU-funded Caraffee project will solve this problem with the first insulated portable coffee maker that brews coffee using the mocha-espresso system. The completely portable coffee maker will be energy-efficient and able to hold 10 times more liquid than other portable coffee makers. It will produce flavourful coffee from grounded coffee or capsules, regardless of brand. Its battery can be charged with a 5V USB or 12V car charger. Ultimately, the project aims to introduce a new form of coffee consumption worldwide.


Caraffee is the first insulated portable coffee maker that brews coffee using the mocha-espresso system at 1-2bars of pressure, resulting in a high-quality coffee. Natural oils are optimally emulsified and flavor is maintained, delivering a great drinking experience to users. The water boils directly inside the recipient by a high-efficient spiro-coiled resistor which minimizes the required energy. This innovative and patented design relies on the fact that the water reservoir encloses the inner coffee chamber, maximizing the space and thus, Caraffee is able to contain 10 times more liquid than other alternatives in the market. The external water reservoir acts as an insulating wall, once it is emptied and replaced by hot steam air. Caraffee is built with Food Grade Materials, following European regulations regarding products in contact with food and beverages. Unlike competitors, it is a versatile device, compatible with all sorts of coffee formats (grounded coffee and capsules) regardless the brand. Caraffee is 100% portable with a battery charged with 5V USB / 12V car charger. It has been carefully designed to solve the need of all coffee drinkers who spend time far from urban centers and coffee shops. It is an ally for all kind of outside professionals, vehicle-related workers, as well as for campers, adventure-sport doers and travelers. In parallel, DIY-consumption trend of millennial generation opens up a new market that can be satisfactorily addressed by Caraffee. We are establishing key synergies with stakeholders as Lavazza, DTL or Volvo-Ford to give Caraffee’ supply chain a robust commercialization strategy, selling it both as a stand-alone product and as added-value complement with their own products. Additionally, a variety of coffee blends as monthly supply for subscribers generates a loyalty relationship with customers and a recurring extra income. Caraffee trail-blazes the current coffee market, starting a new way coffee is consumed worldwide.

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€ 50 000,00

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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