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Hubs of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the Transformation of Historic Urban Areas


HUA Financing Model Catalogue

Overview of publicprivate and blended financial instruments that are promising for HUAs

HUA data collection protocol

Report on HUAdata collection frameworkprotocol to collect tools methods and evidences of HUAs

HUA ‘state-of-play' analysis - working paper

Working paper with overview of current conditions barriers and opportunities to develop a HUA entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as an identification of at least 5 best practices for each of the cluster

HUB-IN Framework concept description

Report on the HUBIN Framework concept for the transformation and regeneration of HUAs into innovation and entrepreneurship hubs

Current landscape of the 8 HUAs

Report on HUA and HUBs individual context and stateofplay and pairings

Common Impact Assessment Framework

Report capturing the specific evaluation targets relevant evaluation indicators and appropriate data standard

HUA Business Model Catalogue

Overview of the most successful andor promising business models applied in the context of HUAs

Eight HUB-IN Action Plans

A blue printed document composed by eight actions plans one per each HUBIN pilot It includes the detailed innovation framework of activities programmed for each HUBIN pilot implementation

Adapted monitoring methodology to each pilot city

Report capturing and explaining the monitoring logic model to be applied in each city

Eight tailored project Roadmaps

Eight tailored project roadmaps one for each HUB

Business models / Finance / Governance report

Report showcasing the different business models and structures being used in each HUB

HUA Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Framework

Includes the framework and systemic conditions to develop a sustainable transformation and adaptive reuse of HUAs

Common Action Plan on clustering activities

Report setting up the partnership and providing the action plan for clustering activities with other EUprojects funded under the SC5202019 call

Hub-in GEO Tool

A GIS webbased tool supporting the characterization of the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem within each HUA and allowing to understand the spatial diffusion of innovation

The HUB-IN toolkit

Tool to support establish HUBIN hubs

HUB-IN Match & Ignite programme

A programme (online and offline) attracting, engaging and connecting innovators & social entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors across the HUBs.

HUA Atlas

An accessible and attractive database and online map with HUA best practices

Interactive dialogue tool for cities

Interactive offline game for cities to cocreate and develop their own local model based on bestpractises and Business Model Catalogue

HUB-IN Digital Space

A living webtool gathering the main resources and outputs of the project serving as a platform for collaboration and innovation ecosystem intra and inter cities

Infographics videos

Eight infographic videos on the main activities conducted in each city and explain replication process in practice


Hubs of Innovation & Entrepreneurship for the Transformation of Historic Urban Areas

Author(s): van Twuijver, M., Bosma, N.
Published in: 2022
Publisher: Utrecht School of Economics - Winterschool 2022

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