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Cognitive Automation Platform for European PRocess Industry digital transformation

Project description

Innovative cognitive automation for the European process industry

Digitalisation represents a new challenge for the European process industries, which need to handle an increasingly wide range of actions. Cognition capabilities will permit the sector to improve its flexibility and performance. The EU-funded CAPRI project will establish, test and demonstrate an advanced cognitive automation platform (CAP) for process industry digital transformation. The platform will help the sector increase its flexibility of operations and improve performance through different indicators and cutting-edge quality control of products and intermediate flows. The CAP will be modular and scalable, allowing the development and integration of advanced applications that address manufacturing challenges in significant process sectors such as asphalt, steel-making and pharma.


European process industries need to address resources, materials and environmental constrains by improving its flexibility and performance through cognition capabilities, as existing in human intelligence. Digitisation is the main enabler for such capabilities.
CAPRI will develop, test and experiment an innovative Cognitive Automation Platform (CAP) for Process Industry Digital Transformation, enabled by cognitive tools that provide existing process industries flexibility of operation, improvement of performance across different indicators (KPIs) and state of the art quality control of its products and intermediate flows.
The CAP encompasses methods and tools for governing six Digital Transformation pathways (6P, Product, Process, Platform, Performance, People, Partnership), a Reference Architecture with four levels of cognitive human-machine interaction (industrial IoT connections, smart events processing, knowledge data models and AI-based decision support), a set of reference implementations, both commercial and open source, for batch, continuous and hybrid process industry plants, and a toolbox of cognitive solutions for planning, operation, control and sensing.
The CAP will be modular and scalable, so that advanced applications could be developed and integrated on top of it and its validation will take place addressing manufacturing challenges in industrial operational environments of three outstanding process sectors: asphalt (minerals), steelmaking, and pharma industry (chemical). CAPRI results could be applied to a wide range of problems and challenges in future cognitive plants. CAP Platform and the cognitive tools included in it can be replicable in areas of production planning, control, automated processes and operations of virtually all SPIRE sectors.
A strong and experienced consortium of 7 EU companies and 6 RTOs will ensure maximum exploitation and replication of the systems developed.

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