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Proactive communication and marketing measures for SMEs

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Advanced twinning methodology for SMEs

To strengthen innovation of SMEs at local and international level, novel strategies are necessary. Four innovation agencies want to upgrade management and create best options for effective participation of innovative SMEs in partnerships and collaborations. The EU-funded TargetSME project aims to support the creation of a valuable document that will include newly designed patterns for communication, branding and marketing adopted for this reason by agencies. The four agencies will join peer-learning activities using advanced twinning and methodology. Together they will formulate best practices and strengthen centres position as efficient supporting organisations. They will help to create friendly ecosystems supporting competitiveness and cooperation among innovative SMEs in the markets.


The main project’s aim is to enhance the agencies’ management efficiency in the field of seeking the ways how to attract innovative SMEs by using emerging communication and marketing tools and facilitating interaction and partnerships with various actors of innovation ecosystem.
Four innovation agencies involved in the project will work using twinning+ methodology in order to create valuable Design Options Paper regarding communication, branding and marketing strategy for strengthening the position of innovation centres on the national as well as on the international arena as a high value added business support organisations. The solutions developed in the paper will be implemented in the agencies as new or improved programmes based on these given approaches.
The result of peer learning activities within the project will be developing an effective approach to identify new topics in the field of communication, find the attractive methods od engaging inovative SMEs and put them into practice. It involves designing the whole proactive marketing process from the identification of the target group, marketing channels and campaigns, attractive offer, diagnostics of individual needs, consequent support delivery and follow up of the process till key performance indicators.
The results of the project will be communicated to regional and national authorities as the topic of reaching the right SMEs is very common with regard to efficiency of policies aiming to enhance SMEs competitiveness, especially their growth on national and international markets as well as their engagement in innovation processes.

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