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CONtexts of extremism iN mEna and balKan socieTies

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Research to prevent youth radicalisation

To tackle youth radicalisation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) as well as the Balkan region it is important to detect the drivers of violent extremism in these regions in order to improve prevention strategies. For that reason, the EU-funded CONNEKT project carried out by an interdisciplinary team comprising 14 partners from 12 countries, is targeting eight countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Egypt, Jordan, Kosovo, Morocco, North Macedonia and Tunisia. The aim of the project is to identify the factors of radicalisation among young people (12-30 years) and evaluate them on three levels: transnational/state, community and individual. The idea is to determine their interrelationships and specific significance in the process that can lead to radicalisation. Based on the empirical research findings, the project will end up recommending tools and measures for the prevention of violent extremism from a social and community perspective both for the regions of study and the EU.


CONNEKT is a research and action project involving 14 partners from the EU, MENA and Balkans and targeting 8 countries in the MENA and Balkans region (Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Bulgaria) that will run for 3.5 years. Its purpose is to establish a multi-dimensional map of drivers of violent extremism (VE) among youth aged 12-30 in MENA and Balkans and to identify the interplay between them. The multi-disciplinary research and the multi-stakeholder approach will allow the enrichment of empirical and academic research in order to draw a comprehensive picture of VE drivers among youth in target countries. Using a building-blocks methodology the project will be staged to allow the findings from one phase to inform research and data analysis for the following phases at key milestones. A final stage will be devoted to research on prevention of VE from a community perspective and will converge in a set of actions and recommendations on prevention measures implemented at a local and community level.
Objective 1: Mapping past and current country strategies and approaches towards radicalisation and VE in Europe, MENA and Balkans.
Objective 2: Drawing a comprehensive picture of radicalisation drivers among youth in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Bulgaria.
Objective 3: Establishing a cartography of conducive collective contexts of radicalisation and VE in MENA and Balkans involving diverse stakeholders
Objective 4: Identifying measures, strategies and policies at state, community, local and society level to prevent radicalisation and VE in target countries
Objective 5: Implementing pilot experiences of context intervention in target countries in liaison with local authorities and civil society actors
Objective 6: Transferring results and recommendations to multi-level policy-makers in target countries and to the EU.

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