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Sound Particles - The Revolution in 3D Audio Software

Project description

A revolution for entertainment audio

The adoption of 3D audio has been high in the gaming industry and in other entertainment sectors but its enjoyment is rather limited as existing audio software tools are based on 2D technologies. The EU-funded SoundParticles project aims to support the production of revolutionary 3D audio software tools. It uses the concept of computer graphics for audio, where each particle represents a 3D sound source and a virtual microphone captures the virtual sound of the particles. The project allows the creation of dramatically richer, realistic and impressive soundscapes. SoundParticles technology will enable a great increase in productivity in the whole audio sector.


The entire entertainment industry is adopting 3D sound in their products as a better way to immerse their audiences and offer an overall superior experience. Unfortunately, all existing audio software tools continue to use a 2D approach, which is very limited for 3D audio work, because of obsolete and costly workflows which are unable to adapt to the industry’s growing need towards 3D audio. SoundParticles is a disruptive 3D audio software that uses computer graphics techniques applied to audio. Combining particle systems techniques, a 3D CGI-like engine, SoundParticles is able to generate thousands of sounds in just minutes to create complex soundscapes, enriching the audio results and achieving an unprecedented realism in the audio software sector, while increasing the productivity of audio professionals. In other words: we create sounds like never imagined before. By doing this we are able to create a new audio standard and start a revolution in audio software for Cinema/TV, Videogames, VR/AR and Music. In the future we aim to bring value to millions of audio software users, from garage bands to Hollywood sound designers, from professionals to amateurs, as we firmly believe that Native 3D audio software will revolutionize entertainment audio, the same way that computer graphics revolutionized entertainment image. For our company, We estimate, that 5 years after completion, the project will bring accumulated net profit of €100,67M, resulting in a highly profitable ROI=42 and allowing short payback time of just 2 years. We will expand our workforce from current 10 people to 107, mainly in software development and sales. In fact, our MVP has already caught the attention of all major Hollywood studios, and has been used in more than 40 blockbuster movies, including StarWars – The Last Jedi, Pixar’s Cars 3, Despicable Me 3, Batman vs Superman, Spider- Man: Homecoming, and Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One.

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