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Production Method for Ironless Electric Motors

Periodic Reporting for period 3 - PROMINEL (Production Method for Ironless Electric Motors)

Período documentado: 2021-10-01 hasta 2022-06-30

Ironless electric motors can be designed lighter and more energy efficient than legacy iron-cored electric motors given the same power output, but typically cost much more due to complicated production processes and largely manual manufacturing methods. Alva's patented Fibre Printing production technology offers a solution to the challenge of scalable and affordable production of ironless electric motors, and promises a reduction in production cost of ironless motors. The new production process also enables increases in motor performance. The PROMINEL project is designed to demonstrate a prototype production line to finally showcase a solution to the production challenges that have kept ironless motor- and generator technology from reaching their potential in many markets as a technically superior choice over conventional motor types.

The main objective of the PROMINEL project is to produce a prototype demonstrator production line for electric motors based on Alva's novel Fibre Printing production technology. Alva will use the new production line as a blueprint for fast up-scaling of the company's proprietary motor products, acting on a unique market opportunity in the commercial UAV market by offering a lightweight, energy efficient and highly reliable motor product for aerial propulsion systems.
The PROMINEL project was initiated on October 1st 2019. The project has progressed in accordance with the stipulated plan, albeit with minor discrepancies caused by the corona virus situation and other unforeseen circumstances. Nonetheless, upon the finishing date of the project, the prototype production line was successfully commissioned and has since gone into full operation, delivering consistent, high-quality components for Alva's first commercial UAV motor products. The results of the project have been protected by various IPR means, including a patent portfolio of 9 patent applications, 4 of which have been granted at the time of the project's conclusion, and the rest pending further processing. The project lasted for a total of 33 months, and was concluded on July 1st, 2022. In the end, the PROMINEL project allowed Alva to successfully solve key R&D challenges related to the industrialisation of its core production technology, including breakthrough innovations in specialised production machinery, moulding techniques and product development.
The PROMINEL production line will enable Alva to offer, as the only actor in the market, scalable production of ironless electric motors. The cmopany's first commercial products have been developed in cooperation with leading UAV manufacturers in the industrial UAV sector. As its initial target market, Alva is delivering specialised UAV propulsion systems to clients developing large drones with a takeoff-weight of 25kg and upwards. After successful market penetration in the commercial UAV sector, the Fibre Printing technology has potential to also impact other industries where ironless technology is higly beneficial, including wind power generators, medical devices, robotics, precision manufacturing equipment and automotive and marine propulsion systems. In this way, the PROMINEL project contributes towards both economic and social returns on investment through the successful commercialisation of a novel production technology for lightweight electric motor/generators.