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PJ.19 W2 Content Integration, Performance Management and Business Case Development

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - PJ19-W2 CI (PJ.19 W2 Content Integration, Performance Management and Business Case Development)

Período documentado: 2021-01-01 hasta 2021-12-31

The SESAR 2020 Programme aims to modernise and harmonise the European ATM System from operational and technological perspective. It develops and validate different ATM Concepts and Technologies (SESAR Solutions) that contributes to achieving its high-level performance objectives set in the European ATM Master Plan. In this complex context, it is crucial to have a transversal activity that generates a consolidated big picture and ensure consistency & coherency of the future European ATM System described by the SESAR 2020 Concept of Operations, the Architecture Description Document, the many Services and the associated performance results. This shall ensure the delivery of a best in class, globally interoperable and high performing Air Transport system. These transversal activities are realised by the Content Integration project (PJ19 W2) in close cooperation with the Master Planning project (PJ20 W2).
PJ.19 W2 activities support and guide the processes (e.g. safety, security assessment, human performance, performance assessment, Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA), architecture, requirement) to bring the SESAR Solutions together. It also supports the process to assess their maturity (completeness, consistency and coherency) from a holistic perspective represented in the SESAR 2020 Concept of Operations. The PJ.19 W2 activities also cover the maintenance and support of the architecture and performance frameworks and ensure their applicability by the SESAR 2020 Projects.
The PJ.19 W2 activities provide major inputs (data sets, consolidated performance assessment and CBAs) for the European ATM Master Plan production, which is further consolidated when updating the European ATM Master Plan (activity performed in the SESAR 2020 PJ.20 W2 ‘Master Planning’ project).
The second year of PJ19 W2 focused on several main activities with key deliverables:
- Grant Amendment production to cope with the COVID 19 impacts on the SESAR 2020 programme execution;
- Closure of SESAR 2020 Wave 1 activities with the update of the Performance Assessment and Gap Analysis Report (PAGAR2019) for SESAR 2020 Wave 1 to include the very last findings of the SESAR 2020 Wave 1 solutions made by mid of 2020 - delivery done by first quarter 2021;
- SESAR 2020 Content Integration 2020 with the delivery of the last remaining deliverables planned for the first SESAR Content Integration cycle (2020): the Operational Concept document (OCD) 2020 and the SESAR Architecture Description Document (ADD) 2020 - delivery done by first quarter 2021;
- SESAR 2020 Content Integration 2021 - the releasing of the second SESAR Architecture 2021 (EATMA V14 and DS21) and the production of the SESAR Architecture release note 2021, the eATM Portal release note 2021 and the initial Performance Consolidation and Gap Analysis (PAGAR);
- SESAR Content Integration 2022 - the set up and opening of the SESAR Architecture (EATMA V15 and DS22) and System Engineering (SE-DMF) data repositories; and implementation, deployment and validation of the automated synchronisation of the two SESAR Architecture repositories (EATMA and SE-DMF).
- Preparation of the final SESAR 2020 Wave 2 and Wave 3 Performance Consolidation (PAGAR) campaign.
In parallel to the above main activities for 2021, PJ19 W2 projects provided permanent support:
• To the SESAR 2020 projects:
- To organise and execute the rolling Content Configuration Change process used to support and monitor the evolution of SESAR 2020 Architecture content;
- To provide support, guidance and coaching (including training) to produce the SESAR architecture, the System Engineering, the Cyber Security and Performance assessment;
- To report on SESAR Architecture, System Engineering, Performance Assessment and Cyber Security progress;
- To contribute to the preparation of the SESAR Solution maturity gates.
• To the SJU:
- To contribute to the preparation and execution of the SESAR Solution maturity gates;
- To launch a specific Ad-Hoc task related to Content Integration support need to be aligned with the improvements to the Master Plan processes in the context of SESAR3.
• To the SESAR 2020 Programme as a whole (SESAR projects and SJU):
- To maintain and evolve the European ATM Architecture, the System Engineering (SE) Data Management and Performance frameworks, the related tooling and the best practices for architecture development method, process, and modelling, the System Engineering production and the performance assessment.
- To maintain and support the evolution of the eATM Portal - a Web application providing an integrated view of the European ATM System and the European ATM Master Plan
With the support of PJ19 W2 to the SESAR Programme, the quality, consistency, coherency and maturity of the SESAR Solutions and the European ATM Master Plan increased.
Also, the SESAR Architecture framework is now well recognised beyond SESAR programme to support Operational Stakeholders in their deployment activities.