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Human Exposome Assessment Platform


Project Website

The HEAP website with information on exposome research in general and the project in particular, with sections targeted either to the scientific community or to the general public.

Network website - HEAP

Website with network activities and links to all individual network websites.

List of Working Groups and ToR for the WGs - EXPANSE/HEAP

A first set of working groups will be made and Term of Reference for the WGs will be specified including the selection of work group leaders, co-leads and members.

Reference architecture

Document describing the reference architecture for Information Commons and technical requirements.

Report on databases mapped

Report on databases mapped and how they contribute to the proper implementation of the GDPR and national legislation. Databases are mapped according to their legal bases, relevant other GDPR issues and options for 'further use' for research. The dataflows for the research, data protection by design, data security at the various in-between phases, controller-processor agreements and the final database(s) are mapped. The report will include recommendations for possible improvements from a GDPR perspective and include a DPIA on processing of data on the CSC platform.

Handover document to next coordinating team – EXPANSE/HEAP

Document summarising network activities and ongoing activities to facilitate a smooth transition to the next team. This document will include concise reports from working groups.

Data availability confirmation

An explicit confirmation that the data used in the project is publicly available and can be freely used for the purposes of the project. (KI, M6)

HEAP Data Warehouse

Complete configuration of Hopswork for the requirements of HEAP including data management, analysis, and sharing and the integration with IC and analysis providers. We will create a Hopsworks HEAP repo in GitHub.

Improved wearable PEMs

A wearable and durable PEM that enables everyday monitoring of environmental exposure at the personal level and provides data for streaming and real-time monitoring implemented by WP6.

Searchable database

Searchable database with data on all the donors (age, sex) and registry-derived data on all the disease endpoints that have developed in the three cohorts. The software for the database is developed by partner 2 (SSI) and allows integrity-assured, yet flexible searches that will allow easy design of maximally informative research studies based on the biospecimens and data from these cohorts. In Collaboration with WP10, data from the database will be available to the IC.

Bacterial and viral metagenomics.

High performance bioinformatics workflow for mining bacterial de novo analysis of viral genomes in metagenomic sequencing datasets genomes in NGS metagenomic sequencing datasets.

Online platform and tools

An online platform combining informational and educational material, enriched with learning management and newsletter functionalities.

Data management plan

Data Management Plan - This deliverable will provide the governance and HEAP policies regarding the access, management and sharing of all the used and produced data during and after the project is completed. The plan will cover the generation of metadata from the different data sources of the project including all the cohorts, the raw and processed data and the results to be stored, preserved and shared for future exposome research.

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