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Internet of Things (IoT) platform for concrete strength measurement and Machine Learning (ML) predictions in construction.

Project description

Advanced technology measures concrete strength

The construction sector is expanding worldwide. It is expected to grow by a whopping 85 % by 2030. However, a major stumbling block is concrete strength – a material used extensively in building, bridges and roads. The capability to estimate adequate curing of concrete is vital. Current methods available for the estimation of solidification are costly, time-consuming and are not fully reliable. The EU-funded cloudsensing project offers a revolutionary service. Specific sensors measure the strength of concrete during the process of solidification. The data collected by sensors are elaborated and returned to the customer, thanks to cloud-based IoT infrastructure. The service will help construction companies to save time, reduce costs and increase the safety of buildings.


The construction industry, one of the oldest yet largest the world, is still forecasted to grow worldwide by 85% to $15.5 trillion by 2030. A major source of uncertainty during construction is the strength of the concrete. This variable is hard to accurately estimate. Well-known are traditional maturity models as a function of concrete temperature evolution, but these are not always accurate as the temperature also depends on the concrete mixture and the weather, and the current methods available to perform that action are also expensive and often impractical, construction workers still rely on their own experience to determine when concrete has sufficiently cured. Overestimating curing time leads to longer time elapsed (at 4 weeks of curing per floor, this has a huge economic impact). On the other hand, when curing times are not respected, consequences can be worse: the building can collapse leading to huge costs and lawsuits, not to mention possible accidents.

cloudsensing provides concrete strength measurement sensors during curing, that can help construction companies cut time and improve security and project managing during the building process by giving accurate predictions on concrete maturity. The solution is offered as a service. Thanks to our cloud-based Internet of Things infrastructure, the captured data is processed seamlessly and provided to the user through a web interface, accessible worldwide. With an easy to scale solution like this, and a market as big and not exploited by digitalization like the construction industry is, the reachability of this project is global and exponential.

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