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Feasibility study for lancing an innovative software tool based on mathematical methods in the B2B market

Project description

New software for optimal data management

High-tech companies just like computer-aided engineering produce a lot of data. These mainly stem from simulations and experiments during product design. All of this data gets stored in large data centres, and never see again the light of day as more and more data sits on top of it – a virtual big data graveyard. EU funding of the InSoMa project is enabling Germany-based company NAVASTO develop software to address this issue. NAVPACK is the first tool of its kind that uses machine learning, reduced-order modelling and interpolation methods to exploit this high volume of data to the benefit of companies. Once it will be released, it will significantly aid data management and decision-making in a number of industries including the aeronautics and automotive.


NAVASTO is a technology company focusing on engineering services for Computational and Experimental Fluid Dynamics, including workflow, method and software development. This project shall enable us to lay the foundation of NAVPACK, our innovative software product for the B2B market. Technical, legal and economic challenges will be analysed and evaluated.
NAVPACK is based on state-of-the-art mathematical methods and addresses a problem common to high-tech companies worldwide: Large amounts of data from simulations and experiments is produced during the design process - most of it ends up on data graveyards. NAVPACK, as practically the first tool of its kind, uses machine learning, reduced order modelling and interpolation methods to enable the exploitation of the entirety of this data. With those methods, novel optimization strategies, such as Surrogate Based Optimization, can be used to significantly speed-up the design process and validation strategies can be improved by applying data fusion for numerical and experimental data to enhance the validity of the result. NAVPACK’s process and data management capabilities will allow to effortlessly apply those methods to existing and runtime-generated sets of data, accessed via a state-of-the-art cross-platform interface.
With NAVPACK, we target the Computer Aided Engineering market, a vastly growing one with a compound annual growth rate of about 10%. Some of our clients, specifically from the automotive, aeronautics and maritime industry sector, already assured a keen interest in the possibilities a fully developed NAVPACK will provide. Our main advantage at this point is our pioneer status with respect to the exploitation of the underlying mathematical methods and our in-depth understanding of industry workflows. Successfully establishing NAVPACK will lead to a substantial increase of NAVASTO’s business through revenue from licenses and an increased core business due to after sales services.

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