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Operation Co-Pilot: Healthcare Process Improvement through Patient Empowerment


"In any medical treatment or procedure, the patient is / needs to be the key player. The result - and honestly cost - of a medical treatment is largely dependent on the successful interaction between all medical personnel and the patient. Effective communication, information, and education, empowers patients to be more active players in their own health. So far, this coordination of medical team and the patient is lacking, as demonstrated by a staggering 22% surgery cancelations due to patient’s pre-operative mistakes and 60% post-operative complications due to patients’ ""contributory negligence"". The result is further health issues for the patients and additional costs for Healthcare systems
Operation Co-Pilot, OpCo, is a tool for Healthcare Process Improvement, in the form of a digital solution that brings together the complete process of a medical treatment with the patient perspective front and centre. OpCo provides personalized guidance to patients in full compliance with medical procedures of the clinics. patients are more secure (knowledge is the enemy of fear), motivated (with specific features to increase patient engagement) and responsible (feeling the power to take charge of their fate) – In a word, Empowered.
OpCo has proven to engage close to 100% of the patients that are given access to it, that in turn creates efficiencies to the Health Care provider: 50% cancelation reduction, that allows to perform more surgeries on the year and 30% more available hospital beds over the duration of a year, as OpCo has proven to reduce average hospital stay from 3 to 2 nights.
We have launched our solution in 6 orthopedic clinics and soon we’ll be launching in an Ob-Gyn clinic. in a short time, OpCo has shown its capability to help tackle the HC challenges of today and tomorrow. Now we are seeking to implement new capabilities to OpCo and expand to new areas with the mission to optimize healthcare through patient empowerment.

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