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Take the mystery out of battery life.

Project description

New monitoring software unlocks the mystery of battery life

Renewables, e-mobility, and IoT have made batteries the new oil: the primary energy source for practically all devices. The EU-funded BatteryCheck project is developing intelligent cloud-based analytical software to monitor battery performance and collect key data from the battery management system leveraging blockchain-based trusted and immutable platforms. BatteryCheck’s solution offers three core services: a service for watching over battery performance and providing personalised recommendations to users; a service creating predictions about likely end-of-life battery systems based on artificial intelligence; and a service providing recommendations for the optimal timing of 2nd life repurposing and of the final disposal of the battery. BatteryCheck helps optimise battery performance, explores new applications for used batteries, and helps maximise the storage equipment's useful lifetime.


"Energy accounts for 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions and this share continues to further deteriorate. Rapid transition to renewable resources and electric vehicles seemingly could be a good cure but require a lot of rechargeable batteries for higher efficiency. The key challenge in this context is to understand how battery storage performance may be optimized, explore new ways of used battery application and maximize useful lifetime of the storage equipment.

To address these challenges, we offer our intelligent cloud-based proprietary analytical SW solution which is monitoring the primary (single use) and secondary (rechargeable) batteries with various chemistries. The data will be subject to further processing and subsequently form the basis for the 3 services: Evotchi, ABEL and BaLiMa. Evotchi, a service watching over battery performance, identifies anomalies within time series of data from BMS and then provides personalized recommendations to users. ABEL (Average Battery End of Life) creates prediction based on AI/ML calculations about the forthcoming end of life of specific battery system. The service will also guarantee that the data will not be manipulated, thus unlocking new market opportunities (including new financing options) for used electric vehicles and energy storage systems in other industrial applications as parties will know the objective condition of the battery. BaLiMa (Battery Lifecycle Management), in turn, will recommend the best moment for repurposing the equipment, i.e. when the battery ceased being a good fit for its primary use scenario but fully capable of taking on secondary life and serving to another purpose. This service will provide recommendation for optimal timing of final disposal of the battery. We are confident that BatteryCheck not only delivers on UN's Climate Action goal (SDG#13) and Affordable and Clean Energy goal (SDG#7) but it also helps foster circular economy by prolonging effective utilization of all raw materials used in batteries since the beginning until the end."

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€ 50 000,00
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