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CustomerServiceAI: Fully language-independent AI platform for automated and augmented customer service

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AI customer service in any language

Customer service is a huge industry in today’s digital era. The industry generates billions of euros in revenue, employs millions of people and is growing by 9 % yearly. The industry addresses both private and public sectors. However, the rising demand is constantly pressing for higher quality services. Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions currently provide low quality services and are mainly in English. The EU-funded CustomerServiceAI project is developing a Human+AI approach, offering a completely language-independent AI platform for customer service in chat, email and social media. Based on neural network design and clustering algorithms, the innovation analyses the customer service database in any language and automatically answers customers’ questions. The service is cost-effective and its installation rapid.


Customer service is a huge industry: €720BN in Europe alone, growing 9% a year. It is also very labour-intensive: over 14M Europeans, 70% of them women, work as customer service agents. And it has immense economic impact: poor customer service costs US businesses $1.6TN every year. In our digital era consumers demand immediate answers; and businesses and public sector are under huge pressure to deliver quality service more cost-efficiently. Artificial intelligence (AI) promises automation, but quality is poor, damaging customer experience. In addition, most development is done only for English, with US companies dominating the market.

CustomerServiceAI (CSAI) is a fully language-independent AI platform for customer service in Chat, Email and Social. Built upon our proprietary deep neural network architecture and clustering algorithms, it can take unstructured customer service databases in any language and automatically cluster them to find the different ways people ask questions. It has a unique Human+AI approach: it Augments agent work, Automates repetitive cases, and Analyses what people ask for actionable insights.

CSAI is also disruptive in its cost-efficiency. It can be deployed in days vs. months required by competing solutions, and at less than 20% of the cost. Our 28 customers, incl. Zalando, Telia and Finnair, and our partners, incl. SAP and Salesforce, are proof of the value our innovation brings. Our core team of 23 experts has built a multi-award winning technology, with revenues of €1.1M in 2019 and €1.1M in Seed funding raised from Germany’s largest VC.

In this Phase 2 project we will develop the next version of CSAI, which will be significantly more scalable. We will improve our core algorithms, develop a customer dashboard with self-service and analytics, and become partner-sales ready. This project is core to achieving our vision: to become the world’s leading customer service automation platform in all languages, with revenues of €57M by 2023

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