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Innovative and cost-effective 100% natural sausage/burger/processed meat producing machine

Project description

Innovative machine for safe meat processing

Industrially processed meat used for sausages and burgers provides these products more shelf life than naturally processed meat thanks to the chemical preservatives it contains. However, these preservatives are unhealthy. On the other side, naturally processed meat deteriorates faster, causing economic damages to the sector. A new cost-effective innovative machine targeting butchers and sausage producers is proposed by Equipamientos Cárnicos S.L. innovative manufacturer of food processing equipment. The EU-funded BioMainca project will estimate the feasibility of production of the new machinery that offers guaranteed safety for natural products without using chemical preservatives. The machine extends sausage shelf life, increases productivity, reduces energy and water consumption as well as food waste, and restricts the presence of chromium in the meat.


100% naturally processed meat (sausages, burgers and pre-packaged meals) begin to deteriorate much faster than industrially produced equivalents, mainly because they do not contain chemical preservatives. Hence, either they lose quality faster than industrial competitors, or chemical preservatives have to be added, making them lose their natural status. Industrial sausages contain preservatives/chemicals that are known to be unhealthy.

We are Equipamientos Cárnicos S.L. (Mainca), an innovative and well-known Spanish manufacturer of processed food equipment. Our business is to design, develop, produce and market machines for industrial and semi-industrial processed meat manufacturers. Our SME-1 proposal, BioMainca will analyse the feasibility of the production of a new cost- effective machine for butchers and sausage producers.

This innovative sausage/burger producing machine will:
• guarantee the maximum food safety of traditional, natural products without the need for chemicals;
• extend the sausage’s shelf-life by 40%, while preserving its quality and organoleptic properties;
• increase butchers’ productivity by 45%;
• reduce cost production: 15% energy consumption, 68% water consumption, and 25% food-waste;
• lower by 50% the presence of chromium in the meat from the wear and tear of knife and plates;
• maintain the organic certification of sausages;
• prevent allergic reactions and the formation of carcinogenic substances caused by preservatives;
• be recognised by the EU’s TSG scheme (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed) that boosts small meat processors’ revenues and the rural economy in general.

Biomainca is key for Mainca. The project will create 35 new jobs and will increase our sales by €9M.

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€ 50 000,00
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The organization defined itself as SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) at the time the Grant Agreement was signed.

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