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Revolutionary laser machine for industrial engraving & 3D texturing

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - INFINITE 2.0 (Revolutionary laser machine for industrial engraving & 3D texturing)

Période du rapport: 2019-12-01 au 2020-03-31

Established in 1999, ML Engraving is an innovative Italian company based in Onore, Northern Italy, that specialises in laser engraving and laser texturing (2D and 3D finishes) on moulds for design products. Through years of continuous investment in R&D, our company has developed a unique workflow that combines sophisticated co-design software and the most updated laser technology.

Our project is based on the development and industrialization of INFINITE 2.0 a reliable solution for surface processing for distinct functional and aesthetic properties. Aimed at industrial suppliers, laser processing companies and mould/die makers, INFINITE 2.0 uses a combination of software and hardware innovations to drastically improve speed, accuracy and ability to reproduce fine details on complex 3D geometries, offering a new generation of laser machines for moulds, dies and components.

The goal of the present feasibility study was to assess the viability of INFINITE 2.0 from a technical, commercial and financial perspective. Our study shows that INFINITE 2.0 is a solid project that will generate important benefits for our company.
Based upon our original developments and functioning prototypes, we have further analysed the mechanical design, optics and software. We have set up a technical roadmap for the next stage of our project to finalize the hardware and software and optimize the laser surface texturing, focusing on performance. Validation on real conditions along with the industrialization aspect have been considered. We have prepared an Execution Plan, covering tasks such as planning, budget, risk assessment and overall organization. We have performed a Freedom to operate, which is required to check and validate the innovation. This analysis has confirmed the novelty of our technology and the absence of existing threat for its commercialization.
Commercially, we have studied in detail the global and European Laser Materials Processing market, along with the Mould & Tooling market, in view to prepare our marketing strategy. We have also further evaluated the competition landscape. Value chain and analysis of stakeholders has been carried out. Applying the 4Ps of the marketing mix, we have derived INFINITE 2.0 commercial and marketing strategy.
Finally, we have revised our business model & plan and financial projections to evaluate the profitability and return on investment in exploiting INFINITE 2.0 technology. A SWOT analysis has been included. An assessment of funding sources has been performed.
INFINITE 2.0 is the next generation of laser engraving machines for mould/dies and components. Its main benefits are two-fold: as industrial process, our laser machine will allow greater efficiency, precision and production throughput in an energy-efficient and green manner; as engraving and texturing services, it will make end products more marketable, with complex textures, new functionalities (hydro/oleophobicity, adhesion/friction, holograms, anti-scratch…) and quality, leading to increased retail price.

Within the Laser Processing Market, driven by precision, efficiency and quality manufacturing, energy and environmental regulations and functionalization, ML Engraving has identified a promising opportunity, representing €2.5-3.0 billion globally. INFINITE 2.0 will allow our company to sustainably grow, enabling us to multiply our current revenues by three after 2 years of exploitation, and increase our number of employees accordingly.