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Structured, not stirred: experimental evolution in programmable antibiotic landscapes

Project description

Spatial environment and the development of bacterial drug resistance

Standard administration of antibiotics to a patient results in a non-homogeneous concentration profile, as drug penetration is imperfect. Yet, in vitro experiments to study antibiotic resistance are commonly performed in homogeneous liquid environments. Recent studies suggest that spatial drug concentration gradients accelerate the development of resistance, as resistant mutants evolve by invading the drug-enriched areas. The EU-funded EvoSpa project aims to develop a novel experimental assay where bacteria migrate and evolve among hundreds of independently created environments. This assay will be based on custom liquid handling and robotics to create a variety of antibiotic landscapes and measure evolution in a range of environments. This project will provide a quantitative and systematic study on how spatial structure affects evolutionary dynamics.

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Albertus Magnus Platz
50931 Koeln
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 174 806,40