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Feasibility analysis for the development and market introduction of an innovative and multi-functional façade.

Project description

Advanced PV module for green façades

Climate change challenges prompted the EU to adopt tough environmental legislation requiring more use of renewable energy, rainwater reservation and a minimum space of green in buildings. Roof gardens emerged as a viable and quick response to these requirements, leaving the façades of buildings as a space available for alternative green experiments. The EU-funded KlimaFacade project proposes a pioneering module that is multifunctional and self-operational, providing architects and construction companies the necessary flexibility to design functional building façades. KlimaFacade can be combined with photovoltaic panels or green modules and can be installed in existing façades. The project plans to commence commercialisation of the module by 2021.


Business case and Customer Pain Point: In order to fulfil all existing and upcoming EU legislation on the use of RE, rainwater retention and a minimum percentage of green areas, construction companies, architects and property developers need to use all opportunities of the building structure (roof and façades). In the last years, the use of roof areas has been developed quickly leaving the façade the last unused potential for innovations. The global vertical garden construction market is expected to growth at an annual rate > 11 %, (i.e. global market € 6.8 billion in 2017 for green roofs and façades). The green building materials market was valued at around USD 127.5 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach USD 255 billion in 2020, growing at a CAGR of around 12%.

Taking into account the present situation, our SME Kre_Ta has successfully developed KlimaFaçade. It is a multi-functional and self-operating façade module, which gives our customers a unique flexibility to design a functional building skin. The basic structure can be combined with standard photovoltaic panels or with plant (green) modules. KlimaFaçade is certified and can be installed on all existing types of substructures.

Road-To-Market: KlimaFaçade is currently at TRL 6. We are planning to start commercialising KlimaFaçade by 2021. Our module will be intensively tested by internal and external specialists to ensure high quality standards. Our system will be installed in three pilots and the gained knowledge will lead to the certification and IPR protection phase, prior to market entry.

Business Model: KlimaFaçade commercialization will generate high revenues with a targeted market share of 20%. KlimaFaçade is the first smart and multi-functional façade on the market and will push and diversify our revenue streams. We expect to sell more than 35.000 m2 façade generating additional revenue streams of 18.5 M€ for our company from 2019-2025 as well as to triple our workforce by 2025.

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