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A reliable, fast and comfortable body dryer

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - BD Body Dryer (A reliable, fast and comfortable body dryer)

Período documentado: 2019-11-01 hasta 2020-02-29

The use of towels in non-residential sectors (i.e. gyms, hotels, nursing & elderly residences, and spas) and residentials requires a thoroughly-done towel maintenance. This maintenance represents billions of euros spent in water and electricity for laundry, and an important environmental impact caused by the wastewater. The non-residential sectors have already implemented hand dryer devices for restrooms, even when it took several years for a wide spread use. A similar alternative to reduce the use of bath towel is still ineffective, due to low power and air delivery speed, not efficient to dry the body completely even within 5 minutes time-frame. In response, Body Dryer S.L. has developed a disruptive drying system, DARID Body Dryer, able to dry the body completely within 1 min and a half. This can only be achieved through its unique design: a single-part tower (2m x 49cm x 24cm) that integrates a powerful mobile turbine hidden in the column.
The objectives were focused on defining the technological, commercial, and financial tasks to achieve the completion of our system and start sales in Q4-2022.
We analysed the technical aspects to complete the development of our device (i.e. the implementation of a voice control sensor; a height sensor; lotion dispensers; lights; an advertising screen; a HEPA filter; and a mirror case) and scale-up its manufacturing. Also, we defined the validation trials with two early-adopters (Hoteles Santos and GoFit). Further, we assessed the most promising target markets and countries for our solution and the regulatory aspects to comply with the Directive (2014/35/EU). Last, we developed a financial plan for the commercialization of DARID technology.
DARID device presents a speed 3 times faster than any of the three other inefficient solutions in the market. Further, our product is easily installed on walls and delivers warm air with low energy consumption, of up to 20°C above the room temperature. Thanks to its USP, DARID will reduce the energy, water and detergent used in laundry, representing savings of >65% current laundry cost. Moreover, the sales after BD Body Dryer project will generate cumulative revenues, EBITDA, and employment of ~€76.51M ~€20.32 and 35 FTE, respectively. Last, when considering the total investment of €2.16M the project is financially attractive; as it will give a return of investment (ROI) of €3.89 per euro invested.