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Purposing de novo protein scaffolds for the Heck reaction

Project description

Enzyme design to clean up synthetic chemistry reactions

There is an overall consensus that greenhouse gas emissions threaten the earth's ecosystem and necessitate immediate mitigating strategies. The EU-funded DENOPHECK project proposes to develop, cleaner and lower-energy reactions through the modification of the most studied coupling reaction recognised by a Nobel prize, the Heck reaction. The Heck reaction uses palladium to facilitate bond formation between carbon atoms and has revolutionised synthetic chemistry. DENOPHECK will undertake de novo protein design to generate novel Heck reaction enzymes that function at ambient temperatures and demonstrate optimal stereoselectivity. The project's findings will advance the chemical methodologies currently used for the synthesis of agrochemical, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals and contribute towards a cleaner planet.


Net EU contribution
€ 162 806,40
Universitatsstrasse 30
95447 Bayreuth

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Bayern Oberfranken Bayreuth, Kreisfreie Stadt
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Non-EU contribution
€ 0,00