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ahead, The Intelligent Digital Workspace as a Service

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ahead (ahead, The Intelligent Digital Workspace as a Service)

Période du rapport: 2019-12-01 au 2020-03-31

The change from static intranet to enterprise social networks and digital workspaces is a reality, and they will become the primary communication tool in companies over the next few years. According to IDC, as organizations are increasingly interested in reducing their amounts of daily emails sent – up to disappear in some cases -. Time spent on the search for information decreases productivity by 25-30% and implies around 500bn€ loss per year. Companies will increasingly look to social and SaaS solutions as decision support, and ad hoc work facilitators support current workflow and enterprise application tasks as well as an alternative to existing communication channels.
Ahead is a Digital Workspace, but working at the cloud and embedding Artificial Intelligence to streamline processes and to provide the best of efficiencies, customer engagement, and satisfaction.
Evaluation of technical Feasibility: Technical risks have been considered. A technical plan for the EIC Pilot roadmap has been developed. Technical tests have confirmed the ideas and requirements for a worldwide successful application. Freedom to Operate analyzed, as well as the data regulation and other regulations to be applied.

Commercial feasibility includes the analysis of the different countries. We have identified the verticals objective of out application, as well as market characteristics and needs.

Financial feasibility and business plan include a sales forecast, EBITDA estimations, and market risk identification. We estimate a project budget of 2.4M€ and a business with a total accumulated profit of 8.8M€ in year 5. The personnel include an evolution from 6 people in the first year to a total of 16 in year 5.
ahead is a one-stop solution shifting collaborative environments from an out-of-the-box product towards a multi-device Digital Workspace as a Service. It goes beyond a simple cloud-based collaborative environment by introducing AI to streamline processes to save time for daily activities, keep focus with customized notifications and boost employees’ engagement, customer’s satisfaction and revenues. ahead not only that provides instant access to relevant information, share knowledge and strong leadership communication, but it evolves with its users.