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Research Knowledge Documentation, Analysis and Exploration in Empirical and Descriptive Sciences

Project description

Better algorithms and tools for researchers

Descriptive and empirical sciences are important because they help us understand where we come from and to learn more about our past. Included in these are history, archaeology, biodiversity and cultural heritage; they gather, discern and detail phenomena in a bid to comprehend them and their causes as well as to reach conclusions. Unfortunately, researchers usually encounter a series of problems in such studies, such as the integration of data from multiple sources that can contain ambiguous and contradicting data. The EU-funded ReKnow project will assist in such endeavor by providing algorithms and tools that help researchers in better documenting, analysing and investigating research processes and data, for speeding up data analysis and getting more reliable results. Emphasis will be given in maintaining the provenance of data and on the usability of the developed tools.


Net EU contribution
€ 165 085,44
N Plastira Str 100
70013 Irakleio

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Ηράκλειο Κρήτη Νησιά Αιγαίου
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Research Organisations
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