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Flying Air Traffic Management for the benefit of environment and climate


Communication and Dissemination Plan

The communication plan plan for exploitation and Dissemination of results PEDR is intended for promoting this project and its results including an efficient and effective mix of both interpersonal and mass communication tools This deliverable defines clear objectives and a set of concrete strategic planning for communication activities updating Initial Communication plan provided in Annex I

Report on the assessment of robust eco-efficient trajectories

This deliverable summarizes the results of the optimization of robust trajectories and the evaluation of their ecoefficiency by providing paretooptimal solutions taking both climate impact and fuel consumption into account

Report on robust and climate impact reducing ATM operations including an overall environmental evaluation and implementation analysis from a hindcast analysis

This deliverable summarizes the findings from a hindcast analysis applied to a set of trajectories which are optimized for a given meteorological forecast under uncertainty and evaluated in the presence of actual weather conditions leading to recommendations for robust and climate impact reducing ATM operations

Report on recommendations on regarding the implementation of robust and climate impact reducing ATM operations

This deliverable will include recommendations towards the seamless implementation of climateoptimised aircraft trajectories within the ATM domain This climateoptimised aircraft trajectories are to enable a robust and ecoefficient reduction in aviations climate impact This includes cherrypicking and winwin solutions based on ATM experts and stakeholder feedbacks Possibilities of implementation and enablers but also showstoppers and hurdles will be included

Final Project Results Report

This Report summarizes key finding from the Project as well as it key achievement towards the European ATM Master Plan In particular the project shall report on the achieved maturity steps but also report on the ongoing work in progress supported by a selfmaturity assessment

Report on expanded aCCFs including robustness and eco-efficiency aspects

This deliverables escribes additional requirements and enhancements identified information on uncertainty including concept on robustness and preferable areas which support winwin situations and cherrypicking situations into a new developed MET data product

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