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The critical role of sedimentary trace element fluxes in ocean biogeochemistry

Project description

Investigating the role of sedimentary trace element fluxes in ocean biogeochemistry and climate

Trace elements and isotopes (TEIs) participate in the earth’s carbon and oxygen cycles and are important for studying the ocean system and how it interacts with other earth system components. It is therefore vital to incorporate TEIs in state-of-the-art global models to better predict future changes in ocean biogeochemistry and climate. However, scientists’ inadequate grasp of the source and sink fluxes of TEIs across the sediment–water interface has hindered this effort. The EU-funded SedTraceFlux project therefore intends to constrain the sedimentary TEI fluxes and provide robust parametrisations of such fluxes suitable for global models. The TEIs it will focus on are iron, neodymium, zinc and their respective isotopes. The project’s results will benefit European ocean and climate policymakers.


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€ 191 149,44