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Technological Adaptations of Nubian cores in the Karoo: neW geometric morphometric Approaches

Project description

Investigating variants of Nubian technology in South Africa

The Middle Stone Age (MSA) was a critical period for early human anatomical and behavioural development. The EU-funded TANKwA project aims to study human technological adaptations to arid regions during the MSA. In particular, it will focus its research on a late-MSA technological variant based on Nubian technology observed in the Karoo region of South Africa. The project will test the hypothesis that this technology was an adaptive response to the challenges facing hunter-gatherers in an arid environment. To this end, it will use advanced digital geometric morphometric techniques to establish a novel method for studying Nubian technology and lithic points. This work will provide greater insight into early modern human adaptations and dispersals within and outside of Africa.


Net EU contribution
€ 147 815,04
Campus De Penha
8005 139 Faro

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