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The Hyper-Kamiokande Outer Detector


This project aims to increase the mass ordering sensitivity of the future world’s largest water-Cerenkov neutrino detector Hyper-Kamiokande (Hyper-K), which is still unknown and one of the major questions in physics. I would be working on the on-going Super-Kamiokande (Super-K) atmospheric neutrino analysis, and transfer this newly acquired experience to improve the design of Hyper-K. I will focus on the Outer-Detector (OD) system, consisting of photosensors (PMTs) mounted behind the Inner Detector (ID) PMTs and facing outwards to view the outer shell of the cylindrical tank, to boost the event classification power based on their topology and improve the overall energy scale calibration to the mass ordering analysis.

The project is divided into two parts which would take place in parallel: Firstly, I would work at the University of Tokyo (IPMU) with the Super-K collaboration on their atmospheric neutrino data, to improve the sample selection using the OD hits information. I would perform the first joint fit between beam and accelerator neutrinos to update and increase the significance of our knowledge of the mass ordering. At the same time I would use their neutrino laboratory to set the Quality Assurance of the OD PMTs during the incoming construction phase of Hyper-K. Working at the same time on the Super-K analysis would provide direct information for the Hyper-K OD design, to enhance the mass ordering sensitivity. In the second phase of this action I would work at King's College of London (KCL) where I will perform these sensitivity studies and train the UK groups members during the OD assembly.

As I am already the OD working group convener, my strong hardware, software, and analysis skills would put me in the best position to lead this project. This new collaboration between IPMU and KCL would lead to a transfer of knowledge on the atmospheric neutrino analysis, reinforcing my position at KCL with the prospect to establish my long term academic career.

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