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Experiencing Historical Soundscapes: the Royal Entries of Emperor Charles V in Iberian Cities

Project description

A sensorial retrieval of the festive soundscape of Iberian cities up to 1558

Digital technologies are key to capturing sensorial experiences of the past, bringing together historical, sensorial and artistic approaches. By combining them all, the EU-funded ExpSoundscapes project will bridge the gap between describing, reflecting on and experiencing historical soundscapes. It will integrate research from music, history, geography, performance practice and technology, so as to retrieve the soundscapes of early modern royal entries in Iberian cities in the time of Emperor Charles V (1517-1558). Sonic information from coeval documentation will serve as the basis for creating an immersive multimedia event, where selected sonic scenes will be reproduced by engineered sound and live music. Historical depictions and 3D renditions of selected urban spaces will recreate the spatial surroundings.


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Centre — Val de Loire Centre — Val de Loire Indre-et-Loire
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