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Modular Design of Bacterial Lipid Mimics for Next-Generation Antimicrobials

Project description

The next generation of antimicrobial drugs

Antimicrobial resistance is a growing health concern hampering the effectiveness of existing antibiotics. The emergence of drug-resistant pathogenic bacteria demands the development of novel antimicrobial solutions. To address this, the EU-funded AmCaLiStat project will develop drugs that target Lipid A, the component that anchors LPS to Gram-negative bacterial membranes. The idea is to disrupt lipid assemblies paramount for membrane integrity and pathogen survival. Using specialised statistical software, scientists will uncover correlations between the structure and activity of drugs against Lipid A, leading to the modular synthetic design of promising new antimicrobials. Apart from novel drugs, this approach could potentiate obsolete antimicrobials.


Net EU contribution
€ 174 167,04
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8010 Graz

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