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Does Public Funding Matter? The Effect of State Subsidies to Political Parties on Political Corruption

Project description

Does public money to political parties reduce political corruption?

European politics is periodically shaken by scandals in which large donations are given to political parties in return for the award of contracts. While regulations to prevent this phenomenon are in place in all Member States, it is uncertain whether political finance subsidies reduce corruption in politics. The EU-funded PFCorr project will study whether a high level of state subsidies can diminish political corruption. Specifically, it will use the actual data on state funding provided to political parties. Until now, comparative studies have exclusively used crude measures to estimate the effect of state subsidies on political corruption. By standardising the information on state funding to parties, PFCorr will compare its impact on corruption cross-nationally and over time. Combining quantitative and qualitative techniques, the project will explore this relationship for the post-communist regimes between 1990/1991 and 2018.


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