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Exploring participatory place branding as an inclusive governance framework for sustainable place development


BRANDSUS focuses on the study of inclusive governance arrangements for sustainable place development (SPD) responding to calls for more holistic models of regional development in the European Union (EU) following the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including economic social and environmental sustainability.

BRANDSUS will increase scientific knowledge by developing participatory place branding (PPB) as an alternative, inclusive governance framework for SPD. The project develops an innovative mixed-methods comparative case study approach (Spain-Netherlands) for the study of citizen-led governance models: a large-scale survey and a participatory intervention methodology combining participatory action research with the method of sociological intervention.

BRANDSUS will also contribute to advancing research methods in public administration and the social sciences at large. The practical application of the proposed methodology will not only support place development and economic growth but also ensure social and environmental sustainability. The project contributes to societal development by providing the governance framework for stakeholders to collectively enact positive change. Inclusive and effective governance models for stakeholder engagement will enhance collaboration towards a common vision.

BRANDSUS will be conducted at the Department of Public Administration and Sociology at Erasmus University of Rotterdam, ranked 1st in 2017 and 2018 and 2nd in 2019 for the subject of Public Administration by the Shanghai Ranking. Beyond sharing my expertise and further developing innovative participatory governance methodologies, this fellowship will allow me to restart my career, as well as to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve my medium-term goal to secure a grant as a principal investigator to continue studying citizen-led governance models for SPD and my long-term goal to secure a tenured position in the EU.

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