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Climatic impacts of volcaninc ash electrification

Project description

Modelling the impact of electrification on the life cycle of volcanic ash

Large volcanic eruptions have far-reaching effects on global climate. They release large quantities of CO2 and inject ash particles and sulfur-rich gases into the troposphere and stratosphere. This is what is known as atmospheric haze. Recent measurements from space show that the stratospheric aerosol layer is actually a mixture of sulfates and ash many months after an eruption. The EU-funded ElectricVolcano project will investigate the unknown processes responsible for the prolonged residence time of volcanic ash in the stratosphere and assess its climatic impact. By combining remote sensing techniques, detailed aerosol charging theories and comprehensive atmospheric modelling, it will test whether electric charges of the volcanic plume are responsible for keeping volcanic ash aloft.


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Lofos Nymfon
11810 Athina

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Αττική Aττική Κεντρικός Τομέας Αθηνών
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