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Tailored Lightweight Sandwich Composites with Multifunctional Properties and Good Designability: From Molecule-design to Structure-properties Relationship

Project description

Towards a new generation of lightweight sandwich composites

The rising demand for energy savings and emission reductions in the transportation industry has led to an interest in lightweight sandwich composites (LSCs). However, LSCs were severely limited by the properties of lightweight core materials. A two-step process was therefore designed to create a fibre reinforced foaming unsaturated polyester (FR-FUP) composite as a lightweight core of sandwich composites. The EU-funded TESCOM project aims to solve certain key scientific problems of FR-FUP composites and provide a theoretical basis for the development of new generation LSCs. To do this, it will focus on creating FR-FUP composites with high mechanical properties, high flame retardant performance and good designability. This work will play a significant role in promoting eco-friendly technologies for the transportation industry.


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