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Resolving the mechanism of ciliary tip factors in primary and motile cilia assembly and function

Project description

Insight into cilia assembly and function

Cilia are conserved cell surface organelles composed of microtubules. They have diverse motility and sensory functions, and defects in their assembly lead to conditions known as ciliopathies. The EU-funded ResolvCiliaTip project will focus on the CCDC66 protein, a recently identified ciliary tip component implicated in progressive retinal degeneration, to provide insight into ciliary microtubule dynamics. Scientists aim to unveil the localisation and function of CCDC66, contributing to the improved characterisation of the causative genes of ciliopathies. Apart from providing fundamental knowledge, the project's results will lay the foundation for enhanced diagnostic approaches in future.


Net EU contribution
€ 145 355,52
Rumeli Feneri Yolu Sariyer
34450 Istanbul

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İstanbul İstanbul İstanbul
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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