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Slovak Academic and Scientific PROgramme for experienced researchers

Project description

Excellence in Slovak research

To enhance the quality of Slovak science and research, the EU-funded SASPRO 2 project aims to set up a mobility programme for researchers. This cross- and intersectoral, multi- and interdisciplinary programme will give fellows the opportunity to conduct research in technical and natural sciences, life sciences, humanities and social sciences. The Slovak Academy of Sciences, the Comenius University in Bratislava and the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava will work together within the framework of this programme. Eventually, SASPRO 2 will help to create an international cooperation network, build and strengthen the bridges between different sectors and above all, train the future leaders in research.


In the proposed project, Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS), Comenius University in Bratislava (UK BA) and Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU BA) (together participating organisations) intend to build up mobility programme SASPRO 2 for outstanding researchers allowing them to work at their institutions/faculties. It is an extended continuation of the previous successful SASPRO Programme. The main objectives are to create optimal conditions for fellows to perform their research and boost their career as well as to enhance quality of Slovak science and research by increasing excellence of their organisations.

Fellows will freely choose from a wide spectrum of host organisations covering technical and natural sciences, life sciences as well as humanities and social sciences. Cross- and intersectoral, multi- and interdisciplinary and international aspects of the individual projects as well as training provided will be strongly emphasized.

Top scientists from abroad will be selected for fellowships; fellows will enrich research teams/organisations and they will contribute to raising the quality level of Slovak and European science and research. On the other hand, host/participating organisations will provide all tools for their career and personal development and ensure broadening and deepening of their scientific and non-scientific experience and skills.

The results of the programme realisation will be establishing a quality international cooperation network, building and strengthening the bridges between different sectors, finding new approaches to tackle with research topics, training future leading researchers that will transfer the knowledge further and by that strengthen the European science and research position in the world and reduce its fragmentation.



Net EU contribution
€ 4 303 260,00
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814 38 Bratislava

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€ 4 303 260,00