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Project description

A new generation of aircraft

New solutions need to be developed to address the needs of future generation aircraft in terms of maturation, demonstration and innovation. The EU-funded GAM-2020-SYS project will build high technology readiness level (TRL) demonstrators in areas such as power management, cockpit, wing and landing gear. The project will also develop, among other things, integrated cockpit environments for new functions and operations, innovative cabin and cargo technologies, innovative and integrated electrical wing architecture components, novel technologies and optimised architecture for landing gears as well as high-power electrical generation and conversion architecture.


The Systems ITD will develop and build highly integrated, high TRL demonstrators in major areas such as power
management, cockpit, wing, landing gear, to address the needs of future generation aircraft in terms of maturation,
demonstration and Innovation.

Integrated Cockpit Environment for New Functions & Operations
- D1: Extended Cockpit
- D24: Enhanced vision and awareness
- D25: Integrated Modular Communications

Innovative Cabin and Cargo technologies
- D2: Equipment and systems for Cabin & Cargo applications

Innovative and Integrated Electrical Wing Architecture and Components
- D3: Smart Integrated Wing Demonstrator
- D4: Innovative Electrical Wing Demonstrator

Innovative Technologies and Optimized Architecture for Landing Gears
- D5: Advanced Landing Gears Systems
- D6: Electrical Nose Landing Gear System
- D7: Electrical Rotorcraft Landing Gear System
- D17: Advanced Landing Gear Sensing & Monitoring System

High Power Electrical Generation and Conversion Architecture
- D8.1: Innovative Power Generation and Conversion for large A/C
- D8.2: Innovative Power Generation and Conversion for small A/C

Innovative Energy Management Systems Architectures
- D9: Innovative Electrical and Control/Command Networks for distribution systems
- D10: HVDC Electrical Power Network Demonstrator

Innovative Technologies for Environmental Control System
- D11: Next Generation EECS for Large A/C
- D12: Next Generation EECS Demonstrator for Regional A/C
- D13: Next Generation Cooling systems Demonstrators
- D16: Thermal Management demonstration on AVANT test rig

Ice protection demonstration
- D14: Advanced Electro-thermal Wing Ice Protection Demonstrator
- D15: Ice Detection System

Small Air Transport (SAT) Innovative Systems Solutions
- D18, D19, D21: More Electric Aircraft level 0
- D20: Low power de-ice for SAT
- D22: Safe and Comfortable Cabin
- D23: Affordable future avionic solution for small aircraft

ECO Design
T2: Production Lifecycle Optimisation

Long-term Technologies
T1: Power Electronics
T3: Modelling and Simulation Tools for System Integration on Aircraft



Net EU contribution
€ 1 153 556,38
75-77 avenue marcel dassault
33700 Merignac

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Nouvelle-Aquitaine Aquitaine Gironde
Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Other funding
€ 494 381,30

Participants (62)