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A novel technology enabling efficient delivery of personalized probiotics to prevent gut-related diseases and recover damaged gut microbiota

Project description

A novel technology for personalised probiotics development

Disturbances in the gut microbiome are associated with many different diseases including diabetes, obesity and cancer. Despite the importance of the microbiome in health, available probiotics fail to deliver sufficient bacterial numbers and variety to colonise the gut. To address this problem, the EU-funded MBSelect project will exploit a recently developed technology capable of growing complex bacteria communities on micro-particles and placing them into capsules after drying. This technology enables, for the first time, the development of tailored microbiome-based probiotics fitted to any purpose, age or gender. The project will scale up this innovative technology to industrial level and undertake the necessary activities for its commercialisation.


Gut-microbiome is an essential part of human health. Gut bacteria imbalance is now recognized as a crucial factor in the development of many diseases – chronic, obesity, diabetes, liver, cardio, cancer and neurodegenerative. Traditional probiotics used today, aimed at restoring this imbalance, are not effective: They are incapable of delivering sufficient number and variety of bacteria to the correct location in the gut and have them colonize. MyBiotics, a microbiome company, developed a novel technology for very efficient growth, delivery, and colonization of needed bacteria types in the gut. The technology uses innovative fermentation methods to grow complex bacteria communities on micro-particles, dry it to powder and place into capsules administered like any probiotic supplement. MyBiotics proved the technology for single-strain-bacteria and for replicating multi-strain biological samples. In this project it is introducing MBSelect, which will remove the reliance on a biological sample and add formulation of multi-strain communities of human bacteria, grown in pre-selected clusters in any combination. The MBSelect innovation enables, for the first time, the creation of personalized, microbiome-based probiotics, fitted to any purpose – recovery from illness, chronic condition, or as supplements – and fitted to specific microbiome needs of different ethnicities, age, and gender. MyBiotics won and executed a Phase1 feasibility study in 2015, which served as a basis for its development since and for this project application. MyBiotics’ objectives in this project are to complete the development of the MBSelect technology, develop its first three probiotic products, scale them to industrial level, test them, and produce the 1st batch for initial commercial market testing immediately following the project; followed by full EU & US commercialization and scaling. The success of MBSelect is key in realizing the potential of MyBiotics and enabling the company to grow.

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