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Synthetic Biology for Architecture

Project description

A toolkit for beginners in building living houses

The increasing urbanisation in Europe is responsible for growing consumption of resources and production. Today, the construction industry must be revolutionised and use sustainable solutions. This was the reason why a former project, LIAR, under the EU FET programme, brought together architects, biologists, computing scientists and engineers to explore the possible utility of bacteria-laden bioreactor bricks in the building industry, to modify inner spaces and serve for other sustainable solutions. The EU-funded Synbio4Arch project aims to elaborate and present technologies designed in the frame of LIAR for a synthetic biology toolkit of ‘living architecture’. It will enable engineers and architects to leverage microbes to embed distributed biomanufacturing, on-site domestic waste treatment and CO2 capturing into buildings. The cloud-based application will sufficiently support practitioners with little expertise in molecular biology.

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