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Second life of wood: BioFlex technology to dissolve waste wood to get raw materials

Project description

A new way to prevent wood waste from reaching landfills

Wood waste, contaminated and/or unwanted woody material, is an underutilised resource. The main components of wood (cellulose and lignin) can be isolated and used to create valuable materials. The EU-funded Bioflex project will divert wood waste from reaching landfills or incineration facilities and will prevent sawdust from going into fuel pellets. This will allow production of lignin and cellulose from these currently underused wood resources to enter new, emerging or existing value chains. The market is estimated to be EUR 40.9 billion for BioFlex-made cellulose and EUR 13.4 billion for wood waste recycling. The Bioflex process can be used with any kind of woody material and is compatible with metal and organic contaminants such as paint and preservatives.

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