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Cost-efficient and safe cellulosic food pad


Food pad absorbers used in the fresh food packaging to soak up the exuded liquid and keep food fresh are made of synthetic superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) – i.e. 90% of the market share - due to their superior price-efficiency balance. Nevertheless, proven toxicity and carcinogenic effects related with their use have raised growing health concerns. To put these dangerous practices aside, the need of economical biodegradable and non-toxic pads to compete with the synthetic ones are on the rise.
CELLCOMB a Swedish company specialized in cellulose-based laminated products, has developed CELLSORB- a totally safe (i.e. non-toxic) closed food pad made from bioplastics and natural absorbent micro-cellulose material with the following superior features: 1) highly absorption capacity, similar with the performance of synthetic food pads, 2) It is fully compostable and 100% renewable, and 3) Competitive pricing over synthetic made food pads.
Through CELLSORB, we will position us as a competitive company in the framework of alternative natural absorbent materials for fresh food packaging. We expect to reach around 20% share of the European food pad industry by 2026. Our highly absorbent micro cellulose material will not only be constrained to the food pads but in a long term it will expand its application to other known verticals like diapers, feminine hygiene and wound care products, highly demanded.
The impact of CELLSORB in our whole business is expected to allow us growing 5-fold, and reaching an EBITDA of €12.1 million by 2026.

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